Reaching for Polaris


Jean Chardon

        A chilling legal thriller that offers deep insights into the aviation


The protagonist of Jean Chardon’s​​ Reaching for Polaris is beautiful, smart, clever, creative, and she won’t tolerate any BS. Besides her masterful understanding of aviation, Captain Elizabeth Stewart possesses a rich knowledge of opera, horseback riding, fine wine, fine food, and physics. As a federal informant, this dazzling airline pilot gambles her career—and her life—in pursuit of airline safety. She also seeks to recoup millions of dollars fraudulently charged to the United States Government—by schemers hell-bent on stopping her. Elizabeth Stewart is capable of everything and anything—if she survives.  Reaching for Polaris is a powerful first novel!  Get busy, Ms. Chardon. We want more. 
—Leonard Nash, You Can’t Get There from Here and Other Stories

More than a story, Jean Chardon’s Reaching for Polaris offers a realistic and gripping affirmation of gross airline maintenance practices, the mechanisms of legal remedies, and an individual’s daring pursuits to protect the general public. Interesting, historical, and beautifully written!
—Konrad Kuczak, Esq.  

Jean Chardon’s Reaching for Polaris exposes the frightening dark side of American aviation. The courageous whistle-blowing Captain Elizabeth Stewart leads us through unscrupulous airline practices and an unspoken conspiracy between government agencies in allowing poorly maintained airplanes to fly within US airspace. The captivating story reveals the stress and consequences of an honest, knowledgeable, proficient aviator who risks everything in her attempt to unveil the criminal acts of a nefarious employer whose motto is profit above everything, especially safety.  Reaching for Polaris is a compelling novel.
—George A. Kokus, Esq.

A female pilot heroically confronts safety issues as airplanes and corporate America converge in this hair-raising thriller.  You will be breathless. Reaching for Polaris needs to be a film. Kudos to first-time author Jean Chardon for her deep insights into the underbelly of the commercial airline industry. 
—Jo Ann Lederman, M.S.

Convincing, suspenseful, and educational, Reaching for Polaris provides an intense social reminder that business practices often compromise safety. It’s a chilling story and an astute disclosure of problematic aircraft.
—Klara Farkas, Photographer; Miami, Florida  

“Compelling reading … Chardon exposes the dangerous secrets of the aviation industry … the riveting
intricacies of the plot are testament to her professional credibility as an airline pilot.”
— Virginia Sward, M.S.


​Veteran pilot Elizabeth Stewart exposes corporate corruption within a multi-billion-dollar Postal contract.  As an informant for the Department of Justice, Elizabeth strives to protect citizens from derelict aviation maintenance practices—and shelter the U.S. Government from egregious billing.  She is besieged by company executives, attorneys, federal marshals, and the solitude of protective custody while recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound—probable retaliation for her filing a federal qui tam complaint, alleging violations pursuant to The False Claim Act.

Woven into this riveting plot is Elizabeth’s involvement with Alex Ward, a fellow pilot and manager, with whom she is determined to develop a meaningful, committed relationship from one borne out of clandestine,
sexually charged encounters in airport hotels. Elizabeth’s bittersweet journey will captivate and inspire readers buoyed by the courage of a strong, intelligent female patriot, an ethical professional “reaching for Polaris.”